Rea Frey

Rea always wanted to be a novelist. When she was little, her nose was either stuffed in a book, sniffing paper, absorbing words, or letting her imagination wander. If not reading, she was writing. In journals. In notebooks. In diaries. On walls. In the sand. On legal pads. On typewriters. With quills. In college, she majored in fiction writing and somehow fell into nonfiction and personal training. Her dreams of sitting in a writer’s haven on the water, wrapped in a sweater, penning her stories, was swapped for health and wellness gigs and her first fractured steps into the important world of the Author Platform (aka social media). After four nonfiction books were published, countless magazine and newspaper articles written, editing jobs taken, content management contracts executed, a gym co-owned, and certifications sought, she realized she was hustling for the wrong type of writing. So, she quit. She gave herself a window to write a novel. Eight weeks, she told herself. Eight weeks to change everything. Never one to back down from a challenge, she wrote her novel in just a month. The rest went something like this: Secure a phenomenal agent, join a writer’s group, bear witness to the magic of self-belief as the book got into a bidding war and landed her a two-book deal with St. Martin’s Press. Now, when asked what she does, she says the following: I’m a motherfucking writer. Rea is a novelist. She writes books. And swears. And drinks lots of coffee. And has a daughter. And a dreamy husband. And still manages to find the magic in books. She hopes you will put down the phone and pick up a book (preferably hers when it hits the shelves). And find the joy in reading. Because there’s nothing quite like the power of words…


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Bill Carey

Bill Carey is a former TennesseanNashville Scene, WPLN and reporter who now works as the executive director of a non-profit organization known as Tennessee History for Kids. He also writes a monthly history column for Tennessee Magazine.


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Annette Valentine

Annette Valentine, inspirational storyteller and advocate for victims and survivors of human trafficking, fighting the unjust, harmful, illegal and immoral atrocities currently being committed against 27 million human beings. She is involved in targeting bondage issues that would preclude the joy of a life worth living.


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Emcee- Barbara Nowak

Barbara Nowak has been a Franklin resident for 25 years.  Prior to moving to Tennessee, she lived in cities from coast to coast.  Barbara grew up in New Jersey, went to college in Pennsylvania, worked as a lobbyist in Washington, D.C., and had her own public relations business in Houston and Los Angeles.

When her attorney husband, Paul, wanted to change careers to write country music and move from LA to Nashville, Barbara supported his desire, put together an action plan, sold their LA home and found their current home in Montpier Farms.

Having suspended her business in LA, Barbara was looking for her next career venture in Nashville and found it when she and her sister Beverly had the crazy idea to produce and host a radio show.

For ten years Barbara and Beverly produced the radio show, Sauced! With The Saucy Sisters and wrote six books on food and wine.  In her spare time Barbara was a food columnist for The Tennessean and hosted regular cooking segments on HGTV’s Today At Home.

Currently, Barbara gives wine presentations, is the self-proclaimed COO of her husband’s law practice (yes, he went back to practicing law), chases the deer out of her garden, and is Mom to Hank – their special needs Great Pyrenees mix.


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